The Purpose and Function of a Chimney Cap

Have you ever turned your gaze upward to take a look at chimney tops in your neighborhood? Perhaps you’ve noticed that many chimneys are topped with a chimney cap, a mini roof-like structure. You might also have noticed that some chimneys are unprotected from above. So what is the purpose of a chimney cap, and why is it so important?

Keep Water Out

The No.1 function of a chimney cap is to keep water out of your chimney. Without some level of protection, water will run down the walls of your chimney. Once inside, it can damage all of the elements of your fireplace chimney. The water running down the walls of your chimney can create chimney leaks that affect the rest of your home, causing water damage to your home’s surrounding structure. The best way to protect your home from water damage, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, is to protect your chimney with a chimney cap.

Create a Barrier for Animals

Whether they’re seeking the warmth and shelter of your chimney’s interior or mistakenly stumble down your chimney flue, birds and animals have a way of finding their way in. Once inside your chimney, birds can create blockages that prevent smoke and carbon dioxide from exiting your chimney. They also can build nests, leave behind waste or even die in the chimney, create damage, leaving debris and filling your home with terrible smells. A chimney cap, outfitted with a barrier screen, prevents animals from entering your chimney, whether intentionally or accidentally.

Prevent Drafts

Your chimney is essentially a door to the outside of your home. Just as smoke can travel up and out of your chimney, cold drafts can find their way down. At a minimum, those drafts can chill your home, making it feel uncomfortable and cold. At their worst, sudden downdrafts can cause smoke, fireplace embers, and even logs to come pouring out of your chimneys. A chimney cap can prevent downdrafts, saving your home from unpleasant drafts and dangerous bursts or air that can send the contents of your fireplace flying.

Keep Out Debris

The wind that blows down your chimney and into your home also can send leaves, twigs and other debris into your fireplace. That debris can form blockages in your chimney that prevent smoke and gases from exiting the chimney or pose a fire hazard. A chimney cap blocks debris from being able to blow into your chimney.

Gaze up at your rooftop and see if a chimney cap protects your chimney. If it’s not, call Your Chimney Sweep to schedule an appointment today! We can install a chimney cap to keep your chimney, and your home, safe from water, animals, drafts, and debris.