Protect Your Home With Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Is your clothes dryer taking longer and longer to dry a normal load of laundry? Is it hotter to the touch than you remember it being in the past? There’s a good chance you’re overdue for a professional dryer vent cleaning! We’re C-DET certified venting experts and can make sure your dryer vents are clean, properly routed, and working efficiently and effectively.

Why Are Dryer Vent Cleanings So Important?

Dryer vent cleaning services are important for a variety of reasons:

Fire Prevention – One of the major reasons we recommend annual dryer inspections and cleanings as needed is that keeping up with both can greatly reduce your risk of house fire. Most homeowners don’t realize it, but neglected dryer vents are actually to blame for more house fires each year than chimneys and fireplaces! When lint and other flammable debris builds up along the walls of the dryer vents, or when animals and their nesting materials make a home in the dryer vents, the high heat of the overworked dryer can easily ignite a fire.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention – Another danger of neglected dryer vents is that, when starved of oxygen, the clothes dryer can produce carbon monoxide and pollute the home’s air supply. And since carbon monoxide is virtually undetectable to the senses, you and your family could be breathing in this dangerous and deadly gas without even knowing it.

Dryer Efficiency & Longevity – Of course, it’s not all about safety! Keeping your dryer vents clean can also greatly increase clothes dryer efficiency and longevity. The better the airflow, the less effort required to do the job, which means you won’t have an overworked dryer prematurely in need of replacement.

Energy Savings –The easier it is for your dryer to do its job, the less you’ll find yourself running the same load over and over. The fewer times you have to push the button to get the same load of clothes dry, the less you’re spending on utilities!

How Will I know It’s Time For A Cleaning?

As we mentioned above, some common signals of clogged dryer vents are longer dry times and a hotter appliance. Of course, the best way to know if it’s time is to keep up with annual dryer vent inspections. During an inspection, we’ll check the vents for any blockages or buildup and let you know if your venting system could use a good cleaning.

What Can I Expect During A Dryer Vent Cleaning Service?

During a dryer vent cleaning, we’ll start by protecting your home and setting up our high-powered vacuums. We use specially designed tools to loosen any lint or buildup and remove them from the venting from start to finish. We’ll also check for any areas of damage, animal intrusion, or other concerns. When we’re finished, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your vents are clean and ready to properly exhaust your clothes dryer. If you’d like to schedule a dryer vent inspection or cleaning with our certified C-DET technicians, please give us a call at 317-243-9687 or click here!

We also sell and install dryer vent bird and rodent guards, and dryer vent transitions and terminations – learn more here!


Even if your dryer vents are cleared of collected lint, they may still need repair or rerouting to be at top operating effectiveness.  Want to know more about our dryer vent services? Give us a call.

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