Keep Your Chimney Protected With Professional Waterproofing & Flashing Repair

During bad storms, we have the pleasure of heading indoors, but our chimneys don’t! Instead, our chimneys sit out under the pouring rain, freezing snow, and wicked winds, storm after storm. Has weather taken its toll on your chimney’s flashing and masonry?

Those of us here at Your Chimney Sweep can seal and restore your chimney and make sure it’s protected from future weather damage. We specialize in flashing repair and masonry waterproofing, and can help you keep water out of your chimney and home long-term. Keep reading to learn more!

Keep Water Out Of Your Home With Expert Flashing Repair & Installation Services

You may or may not have ever noticed the metal sheets of flashing that cover the area where your chimney exits the roof. Flashing is carefully and strategically layered in this vulnerable area to prevent water from making its way down into the chimney and home. Unfortunately, many things can render the flashing ineffective, leaving homeowners with a real water problem on their hands. Here are some common causes for flashing failure:

  • Rust & Corrosion – Flashing isn’t completely impervious to water damage, and in some cases, water may gather and eat away at the flashing, leaving holes for more water to enter. The best way to avoid this type of flashing damage is to make sure your flashing is made of the most durable materials and that it is regularly inspected for any damage or areas that can allow water to puddle or gather.
  • Animal Tampering & Wind Damage – Birds, squirrels, and strong winds can also damage flashing, lifting it and leaving dents. When this happens, it creates openings and areas for water to enter. Once again, annual inspections can help identify this type of damage early on, before it leads to leaks and water problems.
  • House Settling & New Roof – Just as winds can lift flashing, when your house shifts and settles, the water-tight seam between the flashing of the chimney and roof can be compromised. Having a new roof put on can also loosen the seal or damage the flashing. If you’ve noticed your house settling or you’ve had a new roof put on recently, the best thing to do is to schedule an inspection to have your flashing checked.
  • Poor Installation – One of the most common causes for flashing failure is poor installation. Unfortunately, not every company knows the proper installation procedures, and we’ve seen a lot of botched flashing jobs in our time. If you aren’t sure how well your flashing was installed, it’s best to schedule an inspection with a CSIA-certified chimney company. We’ll be able to tell you if your flashing was properly installed and is in good condition or if it’s time to have it replaced.

If we find that your flashing needs to be sealed, you can count on us to use the best materials and most proven methods for repair. We use FlashSeal, which helps to seal the flashing and protect the chimney against water. Our goal is to help you keep water out of your chimney and home, no matter how rough the weather is, and we keep that in mind with every flashing job we perform.

Protect Your Masonry With A Proven & Professional Waterproofing Product

Weather can also take its toll on the masonry of your chimney, especially as temperatures dance around the freezing point. Moisture and temperature changes can cause your masonry to crack and crumble and your mortar joints to recede and deteriorate. When this happens, water can further penetrate the masonry and make a run for your chimney’s interior and your home. Of course, most homeowners don’t realize water has made its way in until it’s had ample time to cause interior damage.

If you’re concerned about water damage and are looking to protect your masonry and your home, we can help! We use ChimneySaver professional water repellent, which is a vapor-permeable product that can protect your masonry, storm after storm. Unlike other waterproofing products, ChimneySaver doesn’t alter the function or look of your masonry whatsoever.

To learn more about this amazing product or schedule an appointment to have your masonry waterproofed or your flashing repaired, give us a call at 317-243-9687 or click here. We look forward to helping you keep water problems at bay!


We provide many masonry repair services including crown repair or replacement to keep your system dry and free from debris. Give us a call for a consultation.

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