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The Importance Of A Chimney Chase Cover

Do you know what’s protecting your prefabricated chimney and fireplace? The answer should be a sturdy chimney chase cover! So, if you’re not familiar with what sits atop your chimney, it’s important you get acquainted with your chimney chase cover. This acts as your chimney’s primary defense against intruders!

The Importance Of A Chimney Chase Cover - Indianapolis IN - Your Chimney Sweep Inc.What exactly is a chimney chase cover?

On a prefabricated chimney, the chase cover sits at the top of the chimney’s flue. It seals off the box that houses the chimney, called the chase, to the chimney’s flue. The opening of the chase cover should be topped with a chimney cap to keep water from running down the chimney flue.

Why does my chimney need a chase cover?

The chase cover is your chimney’s primary defense against the elements. The chase cover keeps water from running into the chimney chase. In addition, it directs water away from the chimney flue. The chase cover also keeps out animal intruders, including squirrels, birds, and raccoons. These critters like to nest inside chimneys, or accidentally find their way into chimneys and become trapped. Also, the chase also keeps out debris, such as falling leaves and twigs.

Why should I worry about my chase cover?

Oftentimes, prefabricated chimneys are installed with cheap, galvanized metal chase covers. However, these chase covers are not durable. Consequently, they corrode and develop cracks and holes that can let water in. Once a chase cover begins to deteriorate, your chimney is no longer protected from water and animal intruders.

How can I tell if my chase cover is in good repair?

If your chimney chase cover is failing, your fireplace could be giving you some signs that it is no longer protected.  So, you may notice rusty streaks down the exterior sides of your chase, or see signs of water or rust within your fireplace. These may include a rusting damper, fireplace grate or doors, or you might see water pooling at the bottom of your fireplace! Of course, the best way to gauge the health of your chase cover is to have your chimney inspected. In addition, during your annual sweeping and inspection, your chimney sweep will inspect your chase cover. If you are unsure of its health, be sure to ask your sweep!

What do I do if my chimney needs a new chase cover?

If your chase cover is failing, Your Chimney Sweep can help! We offer replacement chase covers that we can install securely over your chase to keep it safe for years to come! Our chase covers come in durable materials. We carry copper, which is the more expensive but more durable option, and stainless steel, which provides a sleek look and secure protection for your chase.

If your chimney and chase cover are overdue for an inspection, or if you’ve noticed signs that your chase cover is failing, call Your Chimney Sweep at 317-243-9687 to schedule an appointment today!

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What’s Hidden in Your Chimney? The Benefits of a Video Chimney Scan

From the National Fire Protection Association to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, the leading authorities on chimney safety promote the importance of having an What's Hidden in Your Chimney The Benefits of a Video Chimney Scan IMG- Indianapolis IN- Your Chimney Sweep Inc-w800-h597 annual chimney sweeping and inspectionto keep your home safe from the dangers of a chimney fire. At Your Chimney Sweep, we take our chimney inspections one step further by employing Chim-Scan video inspections.

What is a Chim-Scan inspection?

A Chim-Scan chimney inspection is, simply put, a video inspection of your chimney’s interior. For the inspection, a specialized chimney camera is inserted through your fireplace and up your chimney’s flue.

Why does Your Chimney Sweep believe in Chim-Scan inspections?

It is easy for damage to stay hidden within your chimney. While video chimney scans usually are recommended if visual inspections hint at significant interior damage, we believe video inspections are always valuable. Chim-Scan inspections allow us to spot damage early, before it can lead to major structural damage or before it can allow a fire to escape your chimney and ignite in your home.

With a Chim-Scan video inspection, we can spot a variety of problems within your chimney, from cracks in the liner to water-damaged flue tiles. Additionally, many chimney fires are small-scale blazes that go unnoticed. They can cause enough damage to weaken your chimney system and put your home at risk. With a Chim-Scan video inspection, we can spot those subtle signs of damage and help you avoid a more extensive and more dangerous chimney fire in the future.

The other major benefit of a chimney scan is that it allows us to share the results of our chimney inspections with our clients! With a Chim-Scan video inspection, you don’t have to take our word that your chimney has damage that needs to be addressed; we can show you! That video evidence can help us clearly illustrate any chimney problems and can help us work with our clients to formulate the best solutions for having their chimneys in safe working order.

When should you have a Chim-Scan inspection?

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends a video chimney scan as part of a Level II chimney inspection when chimney systems have undergone any changes, when they have suffered damage from a fire, a storm or a seismic event, or when a property with a chimney undergoes a sale. At Your Chimney Sweep, we believe that video chimney scans are beneficial as part of any chimney inspection to give you a clear picture of what is going on inside your chimney.

If you are worried that your chimney has suffered damage or if you are purchasing a property with a chimney needing a Chim-Scan inspection, call Your Chimney Sweep today!

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