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We offer various hearth accessories!

At Your Chimney Sweep, we do so much more than cleaning and inspecting chimneys and dryer vents. In addition, we also sell and install the best hearth appliances for our clients, and we offer various hearth accessories to help you get the most from your fireplace or heating stove! Here’s a look at the various hearth accessories we offer at Your Chimney Sweep.

Stainless steel chimney caps

We offer various hearth accessories - Indianapolis IN - Your Chimney SweepAccording to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a solid chimney cap is one of the most important accessories.  A chimney cap sits at the top of your chimney flue, to prevent water from coming down your flue when it rains or snows. Its sole purpose is to protect your chimney system and fireplace from water damage.

Fireplace spark screens

Inside your home, your open hearth can serve as a danger to your home furnishings or any pets and people sitting near your fireplace. Fires are known for their pleasant crackle and pop. However, when an open hearth is unprotected, this pleasant popping can result in flying embers to cause danger for anything and anyone near your fireplace. A spark screen keeps those embers in the fireplace and serve as a decorative accent as well.

Zero clearance fireplace grates

Fireplace grates elevate your burning logs off the floor of your fireplace, allowing air to circulate around the fire to fuel it more efficiently. When the fireplace grate wears out in your factory-built fireplace, Your Chimney Sweep has the best replacement: zero clearance fireplace grate.

Zero clearance refractor panels

Another component of your factory-built fireplace that will wear down quickly are the refractory panels that line the firebox. These panels help to capture the heat from your fireplace and protect your home from the intensity of your fires. When cracks develop in these panels, they need to be replaced so your fireplace can continue to be safe and effective.

Heat shields and heat reflectors

Heat shields, also called heat reflectors, are both decorative and functional. These large metal shields sit at the back of your open-hearth fireplace, adding visual appeal to your hearth. Heat shields or heat reflectors also cause the heat from your fireplace to radiate more efficiently back into your home, rather than just traveling up the chimney. In fact, heat shields or heat reflectors can return up to 20 to 40 percent more heat to your home.

Ash pit doors

Is your ash pit door looking worse because of the constant wear? Your Chimney Sweep can outfit your ash pit with a replacement door! We carry stainless steel and cast iron ash pit doors, as well as aluminum clean-out doors.

If your fireplace or chimney needs a hearth accessory to help protect your family or to operate more safely and efficiently this coming fall, call Your Chimney Sweep right now at 317-243-9687!

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Schedule an Early Chimney Sweeping

Summer is here! Have you started thinking about your annual chimney sweeping and inspection? The answer, most likely, is absolutely not. The sun is shining and temperatures are soaring, and lighting a fire is likely the farthest thing from your mind. Thinking about your chimney sweeping and inspection right now, however, isn’t such a crazy thought. In fact, there are several reasons you should be thinking about scheduling an early chimney sweeping.

Beat the Rush

Schedule an Early Chimney Sweeping - Indianapolis IN - Your Chimney SweepOne of the top reasons to schedule your chimney sweeping early is that you’ll beat the rush! Most homeowners know that keeping their home safe from the dangers of a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning means having their chimney swept and inspected at least once per year. For most people, that means calling their chimney sweep when summer vacation ends, the days get shorter and temperatures begin to drop. When you wait until the fall, you’ll be contesting with everyone else to get your sweep to schedule an appointment. Scheduling now means you won’t have to wait to have your chimney swept, you will be able to find an appointment time that better suits your schedule and you won’t risk delaying your first fire while you wait for the chimney sweep to fit you into his or her schedule.

Protect Your Chimney and Fireplace

Believe it or not, an early sweeping is actually better for your fireplace and chimney system. That’s because the byproducts of combustion, whether you’re burning wood or gas, is corrosive. Leaving soot or creosote on the insides of your hearth appliance and your chimney all summer gives those corrosive byproducts the opportunity to deteriorate your fireplace components and your chimney liner. By having your chimney and fireplace cleaned as soon as the fire-burning season is over, you remove those damaging byproducts from the surfaces of your fireplace and chimney before they can cause additional damage.

Have Time for Repairs

Homeowners get used to the quick routine of fireplace sweeping and inspection. The chimney sweep cleans the fireplace, gives you the OK to operate the fireplace for the next season and goes on his way. But what about when something goes wrong? Will you have time to fix any problems before the fall? Summer sweepings and inspections leave plenty of time for unanticipated chimney repairs. You can also plan for improvements so your chimney and fireplace are ready to use as soon as temperatures drop.

Summer might be in full swing, but it’s not too soon to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection! Beat the rush and call Your Chimney Sweep to schedule your annual chimney maintenance today!

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