Keep Your Dryer Safer & More Efficient With Our Expert Dryer Vent Services

Here at Your Chimney Sweep, we’re dedicated to keeping the homes of our neighbors throughout the greater Indianapolis area as safe and as comfortable as possible. That’s why we offer such comprehensive chimney services! But, your chimney isn’t the only venting system that requires regular cleanings and inspections – your dryer vents should be a priority, too!

Clogged, dirty, and damaged dryer vents are to blame for thousands of house fires annually – most of which could have been prevented with proper maintenance. Are you doing everything you can to protect yourself from this threat? We can help!

Our technicians are trained and C-DET-certified to inspect, clean, re-route, and repair dryer vents of all types and lengths. We use the most effective tools and vacuum systems to ensure that every elbow and cranny is cleaned, and that every bit of lint, dust, and debris is contained and removed!

What A Good Dryer Vent Cleaning Can Do For You

Many homeowners think that regular lint trap cleaning eliminates the need to have the dryer vents cleaned — but unfortunately, that’s not the case. The lint that makes it into the lint trap is only a fraction of the lint produced, which means that more lint is inside of the dryer vent itself. Not only can accumulated lint reduce air flow and dryer efficiency, but it can also be a fire hazard and even lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. But not to worry. Our technicians will make sure your venting is clean and ready to properly exhaust, load after load. Depending on use, we may recommend cleanings annually or every two to three years. Read more about our dryer vent cleaning services here.

Why Reroute Or Repair?

In the past, most clothes dryers were placed right up against an exterior wall – but in newer homes, that’s not always the case. In recent years, it’s become trendy to have the washer and dryer in an interior room or closet, or even on the second floor of the home. Unfortunately, these long, winding dryer vents aren’t always built with the physics of air flow in mind, and can be incredibly inefficient and encourage lint buildup. Additionally, the longer the route, the more likely the ducts are to come apart or produce leaks.

Those of us here at Your Chimney Sweep have an extensive understanding of air flow and can re-route your system with fewer turns and inclines. We can also repair any ducts that are damaged or loose so that you can be confident your dryer vents are allowing the dryer to operate as safely and as efficiently as possible. Learn more about dryer vent repair and rerouting here!

Let Us Tackle Your Dryer Vent Issues!

If you live in the Indianapolis area and are looking to reduce your risk of fire and carbon monoxide while boosting your dryer efficiency, give Your Chimney Sweep a call at 317-243-9678 or click here! We look forward to helping you maintain cleaner, more efficient dryer vents and a safer, more comfortable home!

We also sell and install dryer vent bird and rodent guards, and dryer vent transitions and terminations! Just ask!


One of the things you should know about us is that we strive to meet all of the chimney and masonry needs of our customers year after year, call after call. Your Chimney Sweep is waiting to help you today.

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