In Need Of Crown Repair & Replacement? Your Chimney Sweep Is The Company To Call!

When was the last time you took a good look at your chimney crown? Chances are, you haven’t! The crown is located at the very top of your chimney stack, and works to keep rain from entering the chimney or gathering around the flashing. Of course, given that the crown is at the very top, it can take quite a beating over time.

Your chimney’s crown is constantly fighting off rain, snow, sun, and wind —  all of which can lead to erosion, cracks, holes, and other forms of deterioration. And once the crown starts deteriorating, it stops effectively warding off moisture. Is your crown in need of repair? If you’re not sure, it’s time to schedule a professional chimney inspection!

Enjoy Long-Lasting & Effective Repairs With CrownSaver

During an inspection, we’ll get an up-close look at your crown and evaluate its condition and construction. If we find that your crown is in need of minor repairs, we can use CrownSaver to repair and restore the crown once more. CrownSaver is a cement-based, professional chimney crown repair product that works to fill and seal any small cracks. This product also provides a strong, waterproof barrier and can help prevent the existing cracks from growing into larger cracks.

Our Crowns Are Built To Last

If our inspection reveals that the crown is severely damaged or that it was built poorly and to the wrong specifications, we’ll suggest a complete crown rebuild. When you have your crown built by a professional from Your Chimney Sweep, you can expect the best possible results.

Our masons have years of crown-building experience and know exactly what makes a good crown. We’ll use the most durable materials and will construct the crown with the proper slope, thickness, and drip edge. With Your Chimney Sweep on the job, you can be confident that your crown will work to successfully divert water away from your chimney and flashing so you can enjoy a water-free home!

We’ll Even Waterproof Your Crown With CrownSeal!

We also waterproof our crowns using CrownSeal! CrownSeal is a protective and flexible waterproof coating that forms a membrane over the crown. The product cures in 24 hours and will provide you with 10 years of waterproof protection! Our customers love CrownSeal because it’s environmentally friendly and can be colored to match any aesthetic!

What Are You Waiting For? Call Your Chimney Sweep Today!

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment to have your chimney inspected or your crown repaired or rebuilt, give Your Chimney Sweep a call at 317-243-9687 or click here. We look forward to helping you protect your chimney and home for the long run!


How do you know if your firebox needs rebuilding? Let our masonry repair experts perform a thorough inspection and advise you about what needs to be done.

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