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The Importance of Reviewing Your Chimney Sweep

You know the importance of having your chimney cleaned and inspected each year, but after your sweeping and inspection is complete, there is one more step you should take: Reviewing your chimney sweep! Taking the time to review your chimney sweep’s service is valuable for your neighbors, you and the chimney sweep.

Why Review Your Chimney Sweep

These days, a great deal of business communication takes place online. Homeowners look for companies to hire via the internet. In addition, businesses review their online footprint for feedback. With that in mind, business reviews can be helpful in a variety of ways, including:

  • Helping your neighbors to make good hiring decisions. The primary reason to leave honest reviews of your chimney sweep is that it can help your neighbors when it is their turn to hire a chimney sweep. Your honest review can help your neighbors evaluate your chimney sweeping experience and get a feeling about which chimney sweep is right for them. It can also help them to hire a reputable company and avoid a potential chimney sweeping scam.
  • Getting you better service. Your honest online review can help your chimney sweep to evaluate their services. A balanced review can help sweeps determine what they are doing right and what they can improve upon. That means your online review could lead to even better service the next time you need to have your chimney swept!
  • Supporting a small business. The best way for companies to get new business is through word of mouth. In the digital age, online reviews are word of mouth and provide the best testimony businesses can get as to the quality of their service. If you are happy with your chimney sweep, providing an online review can be a helpful way to support your chimney sweep’s business.

How To Leave a Valuable Business Review

Now that you know the importance of reviewing your chimney sweep, it’s important that you know how to leave a helpful review. A well-written review will inform potential customers and provide valuable feedback to your chimney sweep. A good business review:

  • Is not written when upset. If you’ve had bad service, it can be tempting to hit the internet and write a scathing review. That doesn’t really help anyone. Angry reviews usually don’t provide valuable insight to potential customers, and they don’t help you to get a better outcome from the business. If you are left angry by a company, contact them personally to provide an opportunity to resolve the situation.
  • Paints a thorough picture. Provide all necessary details that could provide context for your service. What day and time was your appointment? Was your appointment during the busy season? Did your sweep arrive on time? Was he courteous and thorough? Did he answer all of your questions? Did he leave the house clean? You should provide a balanced review of what you appreciated and what you think could have been improved upon.
  • It must be free from errors. The review will not be taken seriously if it is riddled with errors. Then take a moment to look for spelling errors and typos and to double-check facts. Reviewing your chimney sweep can take a few moments of your time, but providing a quality review helps potential customers, you and your chimney sweep.
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Add a Chimney Sweeping to Your Holiday Checklist

The hearth and a crackling fire is a traditional part of the holiday season. So, now you will want to make sure that your fireplace and chimney are ready. This is for your friends and family to gather around. Make sure you add a chimney sweeping to your holiday checklist!

Add a Chimney Sweeping to Your Holiday Checklist Image - Indianapolis IN - Your Chimney SweepMake sure your chimney is safe for holiday fires

An annual chimney sweeping and inspection is a vital part of your home maintenance. If you have not yet had your chimney swept and inspected since the last fire-burning season, you need to before you light your holiday fires.

Your annual chimney sweeping and inspection ensures that your chimney is safe for use and ready for holiday fires. In addition, your chimney sweeping clears away dangerous and flammable creosote, as well as any blockages that may have formed within your chimney. The inspection looks for any weaknesses in your chimney or firebox that could lead to chimney failure. Why do this now? A chimney sweeping and inspection for the holiday season dramatically lowers your risk of a chimney fire or deadly carbon monoxide poisoning!

Have your fireplace ready

Don’t let your fireplace be a point of frustration this holiday season. Turning on your fireplace to find that the pilot won’t ignite?  Lighting a fire to find that smoke billows back into your living space? This can definitely dampen your holiday gatherings. Your chimney sweeping and inspection will include an inspection of your fireplace and all of its working components. Your sweep will help you make sure that your fireplace is in good repair. Also, make sure it’s ready to warm your home this holiday season.

Have a cleaner home

A dirty chimney can mean a dirtier home. A dirty chimney can fill your home with unpleasant smell. This includes smoky, rotting or decaying smells. Having your chimney cleaned can help to clear away those unpleasant smells. This way your home is fresher and cleaner as you prepare for holiday parties and holiday guests.

Enjoy a more efficient fire

A chimney sweeping also can have you enjoying more efficient fires this holiday season. A clean chimney and freshly tuned fireplace operates more efficiently. For a wood-burning fireplace, that means less tending to the fire. For a gas fireplace, that means lower energy bills.

If your chimney needs to be swept and inspected as you prepare for your holiday gatherings, call Your Chimney Sweep to schedule your chimney and fireplace services today! Your Chimney Sweep can help you to check your chimney sweeping and inspection off of your holiday to-do list. In addition, help you have your home ready for your holiday guests and holiday gatherings.

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