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The Three Levels of Chimney Inspection

Not all chimney inspections are created equal. In fact, there are three levels of chimney inspections recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). The type of chimney inspection you need in your home will depend on your individual situation. Here’s what you need to know about the three levels of chimney inspections.

Level 1 Chimney Inspection

A Level 1 chimney inspection is, essentially, your basic chimney inspection. This is the type of chimney inspection you should have performed each year, as long as your chimney and fireplace have undergone no significant changes or suffered any noticeable damage. During a Level 1 chimney inspection, your chimney sweep will inspect all accessible interior portions of your chimney, as well as all exterior components of your chimney. Your sweep also ensures your fireplace or heating stove is properly installed and functioning. A Level 1 chimney inspection ensures that your fireplace and chimney are ready for use.

Level 2 Chimney Inspection

A Level 2 chimney inspection is more thorough than a Level 1 inspection. It is recommended when changing your fireplace system or when a property changes hands. Also, it is necessary when your fireplace system malfunctions. In addition, it is necessary after an event that could have compromised the chimney structure, such as a house fire, an earthquake or heavy storm. A Level 2 chimney inspection includes all components of a Level 1 chimney inspection, but the inspector also enters attics or crawl spaces to further access the chimney. Finally, a specialized camera provides a thorough internal inspection of the chimney.

Level 3 Chimney Inspection

Level 3 chimney inspections fix more severe, hidden problems with the chimney structure. The chimney technician removes the portions of the chimney necessary to better view the chimney damage. That includes removing chimney crowns or chase covers, or even interior chimney walls.

Knowing the differences in chimney inspections will help you to make an informed decision about the type of chimney inspection you need. It will help you to better communicate with your chimney technician during your inspection. Remember, every chimney requires an inspection at least once a year, as well as when a property changes hands and when there’s an occurrence that could have resulted in chimney damage.

If your home is in need of a chimney inspection — from a Level 1 chimney inspection to a Level 3 chimney inspection — call Your Chimney Sweep to schedule an appointment! Our certified chimney sweeps will help ensure that your chimney and fireplace are safe for operation.

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Schedule a Chimney Sweeping for the New Year

Have you made your New Year’s resolution? For many homeowners, having a cleaner home and staying on top of home maintenance top their resolution lists. Here is why you should schedule a chimney sweeping for the new year.

Stay on Top of Home Maintenance

Many homeowners feel lost under a mountain of home maintenance to-dos. If you’re looking to up your home-maintenance game, schedule a chimney sweeping and inspection! All chimneys and fireplaces should be cleaned and inspected at least once per year to keep home’s safe from the risk of a chimney fire and to lower the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home. However, this is one home-maintenance task you should leave to the professionals. All you have to do is call to make the appointment.

Keep Your Home Cleaner

A cleaner chimney and fireplace also means a cleaner home. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, a dirty chimney can cause smoke to back up into your home, leaving dust and small particles all over your furniture. A dirty chimney also can lead to unpleasant odors that can flow backward into your home, leaving your home smelling foul no matter how well you clean it. Scheduling a new year’s chimney cleaning can help to freshen your home and rid it of embarrassing odors in the new year.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Are you looking to lower your impact on the environment in the new year? Keeping your chimney and fireplace — and putting them to use — can help. A chimney sweeping and inspection helps to keep your fireplace running more efficiently, lowering your energy bills and lessening your carbon output. And when you use your fireplace more frequently, whether you’re burning clean natural gas or carbon-neutral wood or wood pellets, you’re doing your part to heat your home in a cleaner, more natural way.

Save Money

Year after year, saving money tops the list of most popular new year’s resolutions. Having your fireplace and chimney swept and inspected can help! First and foremost, a clean chimney and fireplace help the entire system run more efficiently. As an added bonus, when you use your fireplace more frequently, you can lower the thermostat for the rest of your home and concentrate your heating dollars on the rooms you spend the most time in, which can lower you home-heating bills dramatically.

If you’re moving forward on your new year’s resolution, let Your Chimney Sweep help! Call to schedule your new year’s chimney sweeping and inspection today!

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