Are You Suffering With a Smelly Chimney

Are unpleasant odors from your fireplace making your home’s air unbearable this summer? Chimney odors are extremely common and can be caused by a variety of issues. When those odors mix with summer’s heat and humidity, they can intensify and fill your home, causing you discomfort, frustration and embarrassment. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer with chimney odors.Are You Suffering With a Smelly Chimney IMG- Indianapolis IN- Your Chimney Sweep INC-w800-h597

What causes chimney odors?

  • Animal infestation. Animals and birds often will seek refuge inside a chimney. It is a warm, dark place protected from the elements. Animals and birds will build their nests within chimney, and with those nests, they can leave behind bits of food or fecal matter. Those bits of food, that fecal matter and even the nesting materials can break down and decay, filling your homes with the unpleasant smells of rotting food and animal waste.
  • Creosote. Every time you burn a fire, creosote forms on the inside of your chimney’s walls. You probably know that creosote left within your chimney can create a fire hazard, but you might not know that creosote can introduce an unpleasant burning smell into your home, particularly when the creosote is exposed to moisture and high temperatures.
  • Water leaks. Leaking chimneys cause a host of problems, including chimney odors. A leaky chimney can fill your home with a wet, moldy smell.Leaves and other debris. Leaves, twigs and other debris can blow into your chimney and buildup. When the organic matter begins to decay, it can fill your home with a compost-like smell.
  • Dead animals. Perhaps most unpleasantly, dead animals trapped within your chimney can fill your home with a strong decaying smell. Birds and animals can make their way down a chimney flue, become trapped and die. Unfortunately, the hot summer sun can intensive the already strong smell that comes from a dead, trapped animal.

How can you get rid of chimney odors?

Eliminating chimney odors begins with having your chimney cleaned. Your chimney sweep will be able to locate and clear away the cause of the chimney smell, whether the source is an animal, creosote or leaves. If a larger issue is at play, such as a water leak, your chimney sweep will be able to locate the leak and prescribe the best course of action for repairing your chimney. Your sweep also will be able to guide you in preventing future chimney odors. While regular chimney sweepings help keep odors at bay, other changes to your chimney, such as a new chimney cap or a top-sealing damper, can keep odor causing animals or debris from entering your flue. If your chimney’s draft is allowing odors to flow back into your home, your sweep may recommend a chimney exhaust fan to keep odors flowing up and out of your chimney rather than back into your home.

If you have been suffering with chimney odors penetrating your home this summer, don’t continue to endure those foul smells! Call Your Chimney Sweep to schedule a sweeping and inspection today to locate the source of the smell and eliminate the odor.

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