Schedule Your Chimney Sweeping Early

Too often, people put off their home service appointments. Why? Usually it’s because they dread finding time to be home to have that service performed. Annual chimney sweepings and inspections often fall under this category. Unfortunately, many homeowners put off their annual chimney maintenance for that reason. Did you know that you could enjoy easier scheduling of your chimney sweeping? Simply schedule it early!

Why early scheduling matters.

The vast majority of homeowners wait until fall to schedule their annual sweeping and inspections. This means, when you wait until the fall, you’re competing with everyone else for an appointment date and time. That can leave you struggling to find an appointment time that will fit within your schedule, so that you don’t miss out on any of the fire-burning season.

When you call to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection early, you beat the rush. You’ll be able to schedule an appointment sooner. By doing this, you don’t have to worry about not being able to get your chimney swept and inspected before fall. Since you won’t be rushed, you will be able to pick a date and time for your chimney sweeping that works better for you!

Other benefits of early scheduling.

A less rushed, more convenient time table isn’t the only reason to schedule your chimney sweeping and inspection before fall. What if your chimney inspection turn up any signs of damage or need for repair? Scheduling now will leave yourself plenty of time to have your chimney and fireplace repaired. Plus, the summer weather is ideal for chimney maintenance. Also, if you have your chimney inspected before the rush, you won’t have to combat with all of the other homeowners scheduling appointments!

What’s another benefit of early scheduling? It gives you time to contemplate improvements to your fireplace or chimney. No matter what you have in mind, you’ll have the time to discuss these improvements with your sweep. Not to mention, you’ll have plenty of time to schedule those improvements before the fire-burning season begins.

Schedule your chimney sweeping and inspection today!

Don’t wait to get caught in the fall rush. Enjoy the benefits of an early chimney sweeping and inspection! Add convenience, and plenty of time for repairs and improvements, by calling to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection now! You can schedule your appointment with Your Chimney Sweep by calling our office at (317) 243-9687 or by filling out the appointment request form found on our website.