Fall Maintenance For Your Gas Furnace

Don’t get caught in the cold this winter. One of the biggest problems a homeowner can face is a dead furnace on a cold winter night. With proper fall maintenance, you can help your furnace to run safer and more efficiently, and help to extend the life of your furnace and spot any potential problems before your furnace completely expires. There are a few simple steps to caring for your gas furnace each fall to ensure optimal performance.

Turn Off the Power

Before you proceed with annual maintenance for your gas furnace, you need to turn off the electricity and fuel to your furnace. Turn off the electrical switch to the unit, and close off the fuel line. The on/off switch for your gas furnace should be near the base of the unit.

Clean & Inspect the Combustion Chamber

Gas furnace maintenance begins with a cleaning and visual inspection of the combustion chamber. Remove the door to the combustion chamber and thoroughly vacuum it out. Inspect the chamber for any signs of rust, corrosion or deterioration.

Clean & Inspect the Blowers

Just as you did with the combustion chamber, clean and inspect the blower compartment. Open the door to the compartment and vacuum out the inside. Inspect the compartment for holes or deterioration.

Change the Filter

Your furnace filter traps any dust or particles that would enter the furnace and potentially damage it. Change the furnace filter before you begin running the furnace for the year, and replace or clean the filter once every three months while the furnace is in use.

Oil the Bearings

If you have an older furnace, your furnace might have two bearings and two blower-shaft bearings, which need to be oiled once a year. If the bearings are there, remove the caps and wipe the bearings clean. Add two to three drops of machine oil and replace the caps.

Check the Burner Flames

Now that your furnace is clean and oiled, restore the power and fuel to the unit. Turn the furnace on and inspect the burner flames. The flames should burn bright blue and should burn steadily. If the flames are yellow or inconsistent, you should have your furnace checked by a professional.

Have Your Furnace Swept & Inspected

It’s also crucial to have your furnace flue swept and inspected by a professional. The sweeping will clear away any corrosive soot and guarantee that there aren’t any hazardous blockages in the flue, which could drive carbon monoxide back into your home. During the inspection, your sweep will look for cracks or flaws in the furnace flue and make sure that the liner is in good shape and safe for use.

If you’re preparing your gas furnace for the winter, call Your Chimney Sweep to schedule a furnace flue sweeping today! We’ll make sure that your furnace flue is clean and safe to use this winter.