Choosing a stainless steel chimney liner

If you have been told you need a new chimney liner, you could be left feeling a little overwhelmed. It sounds like a big job, but a chimney liner is crucial for keeping your choosing-a-stainless-steel-chimney-liner-img-indianapolis-in-your-chimney-sweephome safe from the dangers of a chimney liner. Fortunately, when it comes to chimney liners, there’s a safe, durable and easy-to-install option that’s right for nearly ever chimney: the stainless steel chimney liner.

Why you might need a new chimney liner

It can be hard to justify relining your chimney. After all, the liner is out of site and out of mind. A chimney liner, however, is what protects your home from the heat and flames of your fireplace. Without it, heat and smoke can damage your home’s structure or, even worse, spark a home fire. Following a chimney inspection, your chimney sweep may tell you that your chimney needs a new liner because the existing liner is cracked or damaged. In some cases, especially old homes, the liner is missing altogether. A new liner also may be recommended if the existing chimney liner is improperly sized for your heating appliance or incompatible with your fireplace’s fuel type.

Why you should choose a stainless steel chimney liner

If you have been told your chimney liner needs to be replaced, you should be talking to your chimney sweep about installing a stainless steel chimney liner. In nearly every case, a stainless steel chimney liner is a good and viable option for chimney relining. There are several reasons stainless steel chimney liners are the industry gold standards.

  • Versatility. Stainless steel chimney liners work for virtually every chimney relining project. They work with all types of heating fuels, including gas, wood, pellet and oil. They come in all sizes, and can be flexible or rigid, which means a stainless steel chimney liner can be found to fit any chimney shape or size.
  • Ease of installation. Stainless steel chimney liners are easy to install into an existing chimney. Where replacing a tile liner can involve dismantling and rebuilding a chimney, a stainless steel liner can be easily inserted into most existing chimneys.
  • Durability. Your new stainless steel chimney liner will last for decades. They are rust resistant, so they won’t degrade because of exposure to moisture or the corrosive byproducts of a fireplace. They also can contain the extreme heat of a chimney fire, which keeps your home safer should your chimney ignite.

Why you should call Your Chimney Sweep if you need a new liner

If you are in need of a new chimney liner, or if you are due for a chimney sweeping and inspection, call Your Chimney Sweep to schedule an appointment today! Our chimney experts understand the importance of a durable, high-quality chimney liner That’s why we install top-of-the-line stainless steel chimney liners from Ventinox and HomeSaver. Our certified chimney technicians can recommend the right liner for your chimney and have your chimney relined and ready for this winter’s fires.

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