Check the inside of your flue with a Chim-Scan video chimney inspection!

When you light a fire in your fireplace, you want to be confident that your chimney is clean, sound and ready to protect your home from the heat and smoke from your fireplace. It can be difficult to do that without seeing inside your chimney. With Your Chimney Sweep’s Chim-Scan video inspection technology, we can give you a close-up look of your chimney’s flue.

chimscan-inspections-technology-indianapolis-in-yourchimneysweep-w800-h600When do you need the use of video technology for a chimney inspection?

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends video inspections when a Level 2 or Level 3 chimney inspection is called for.

Level 2 inspections are recommended when:

  • A property transfers ownership.
  • When a building or chimney suffers damage from a fire, storm or earthquake.
  • A heating appliance or heating fuel type changes.
  • When a chimney flue is relined or changed in some way; or when the fireplace or chimney malfunctions in some way.

In addition to the video chimney scan, a Level 2 inspection includes a visual inspection of all portions of the chimney that can be reached. These include those that must be accessed through wall panels, crawl spaces and attics.

A Level 3 inspection is ordered when serious chimney damage that could pose a significant danger is suspected. In addition to all of the criteria of a Level 2 inspection, a Level 3 inspection can include the dismantling of portions of the chimney as needed to reach portions of the chimney that are believed to be damaged.

How is a Chim-Scan inspection performed?

To perform a video inspection, we insert a specialized Chim-Scan camera, mounted to a pole, up your chimney. The camera provides a live feed of the inside of your chimney flue. This enables us to see any signs of damage, blockages, past chimney fires or chimney leaks. Major benefits of the Chim-Scan inspection is that we can show you any problems within your chimney. Easing your concerns that your chimney is free from debris, damage or structural weaknesses. With the Chim-Scan camera, we also can provide you with documentation of your chimney’s flue. That means you can have pictures or footage of problems within your chimney flue. If there is a small spot that needs to be monitored, we can maintain pictures of videos of the inspection to compare changes in your chimney from year to year.

When does Your Chimney Sweep perform video chimney inspection?

At Your Chimney Sweep, we adhere to the CSIA’s recommendations for chimney inspections in all cases. However, we do go above and beyond these recommendations by providing inspections with Chim-Scan technology of all open fireplaces. This means you can be confident you are getting a thorough inspection when you hire the professionals at Your Chimney Sweep.

If your chimney is due for its annual inspection, if you are purchasing a new home with a chimney or if you suspect your chimney has suffered damage, call Your Chimney Sweep to schedule your Chim-Scan inspection today!